MELCHIZEDEK, Book One: Kings and Priests


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“Amazingly prophetic” – Denae R., Amazon Reader

Something is happening in Washington State. In this first book in the Melchizedek series, follow a jaded journalist, a true believer, and a hardened atheist on their adventures through a dystopian future, where some seek to escape society as others try to protect it.

Melchizedek is a Christian novel that seeks to overcome cultural boundaries by explaining Christian principles through an entertaining and exciting narrative. Enter the world of a not too distant future. One filled with new technologies, political intrigue, and strange spiritual occurrences while taking the opportunity to examine yourself and your faith (or lack thereof) and remember, Griefers gonna grief.

Upcoming Novels:

An intrepid group of scientists on Mars encounter strange and mysterious forces as they work to create a future for humanity. One by one, they begin to vanish, leaving the rest to search for them while receiving terrifying reports of apocalyptic events that have begun to occur back home on earth.

One thousand years after the beginning of the Millennial Kingdom, Christ has retired to his compound in Israel in preparation for the arrival of His Father. Soon after, strange reports cause the spiritual leaders charged with governing the earth in His absence to call upon a devoted follower to investigate the return of humanity’s greatest enemy.

Book two of the Melchizedek series follows Jerry Farron as he searches for the mysterious Sebastian in a futuristic, dystopian and demonically infested New York City. Meanwhile, Simon Raimes and his crew descend on Los Angeles under the guise of a new humanitarian project, to hunt down the elusive Chavez while another, unexpected player rises to challenge them all.

About Michael S. Cordima

Michael is a devoted Christian who has spent the majority of his adult life in the mission field. He enjoys helping churches and ministries become successful while challenging those involved to grow spiritually. He has a BA in History and an Associate degree in Christian Theology.

A former atheist, Michael has a heart to reach those who do not yet have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. He is not afraid to correct those in the church body who do not fully understand their impact on others outside of it but also strongly believes in pastoral authority when serving within.

Melchizedek is the first of several novels that the Lord has led him to write. The themes within, range from the dangers of prosperity based theology to the pitfalls of atheistic thinking while showing both believers and non-believers what it means to live as the Holy Spirit leads. His hope is that they will one day be looked upon as thoughtful examinations of the immense benefits that can come with knowing the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Michael enjoys writing and recording Christian music, hiking, and participating in the latest ministry the Lord has led him to take part in.

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